Subway Pakistan introduces 3-inch sandwich for inflation-hit customers – Business Recorder

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Subway, the multinational fast-food chain known for its six- and 12-inch sandwiches, has launched a new three-inch version in Pakistan, the multinational food-chain announced in a social media post.

The bite-sized sandwich is the first of its kind for Subway, and designed to provide “value” to Pakistani customers struggling with high inflation.
Last month, Subway advertised the sandwich at a price of Rs360. This comes as many restaurants in Pakistan raise prices or reduce portion sizes due to high costs and depleting purchasing power.
Pakistan has been in the midst of a crisis with high inflation and falling foreign exchange reserves putting pressure on the economy. The inflation rate is still in double digits, which has reduced people’s purchasing power.
Pakistan avoided default after securing a $3 billion bailout package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the last minute.
However, the loan came with conditions, including a hike in fuel and energy prices. This has led to exorbitant electricity bills, which sparked protests across the country.


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