‘ISI agent’ Seema Haider’s Pakistani identity under radar again after Bollywood offer; MNS leader issues ‘clear warning’ | Mint – Mint

Seema Haider earlier received an acting offer from Bollywood filmmaker Amit Jani for an upcoming movie. This revelation has ignited a heated debate surrounding Seema’s Pakistani nationality and her presence in the Indian film industry.
The general secretary of Maharashtra Navnirman Seva (MNS), Ameya Khopkar, has thrown a spotlight on the matter. Khopkar, aligned with Raj Thackeray, expressed his concerns over Haider’s involvement in the Indian film scene, asserting that a Pakistani national should not have a place in the industry. 
Khopkar conveyed his thoughts in Marathi on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) and emphasised MNS’ stance while asking the makers who chose to cast her.

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“We’re steadfast on our stand against any Pakistani national playing any role in the Indian Film Industry. Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman is currently in India. Allegedly she an ISI agent. Some publicity hungry folks of our industry are known to be keen on launching this Seema as an actress. They are nothing but shameless traitors. Consider this a clear warning to stop this nonsense or else face the wrath of MNS (sic),” Khopkar wrote.
“BEWARE! You’ve been warned!” he added.

Seema Haider’s Independence Day celebration

Seema, whose identity has been linked to reports of crossing borders and living in India without proper authorisation, took a patriotic stand for India on August 13 by hoisting the tricolour flag ahead of Independence Day.

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She was seen exclaiming “Bharat Mata ki Jai (Hail Mother India)”, displaying her allegiance to the nation. Dressed in a tricolour saree and a headband adorned with the words “Jai Mata Di”, Seema Haider chanted the iconic “Vande Mataram” as her husband Sachin Meena stood beside her.
In a different clip making rounds on social media, Haider was seen chanting “Pakistan murdabad (Down with Pakistan),” revealing her vocal disapproval of her country of origin.
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