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The Dallas Cowboys are in the money.
The Texas squad ranks as the most valuable sports franchise in the world, according to sports business website Sportico’s NFL valuations. Dallas tops the scale at $9.2 billion, putting the Cowboys more than $1.5 billion ahead of the next most valuable team (the Golden State Warriors, at $7.56 billion). The Cincinnati Bengals were the least valuable NFL franchise, at approximately $4 billion.
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The Cowboys also became the second franchise after FC Barcelona to top $1 billion in revenue for a single season, with a total of $1.05 billion for 2022. That’s $272 million more than the second-most profitable NFL franchise last season, the Los Angeles Rams.
The average NFL franchise was worth $5.14 billion as of last season, and no wonder: With $12 billion of the league’s $17.8 billion in national media and advertising revenue shared among all teams, each of them got about $375 million just for showing up. In 2023, that number will be nearly $400 million.
All in all, the top 10 most valuable sports franchises in the world are as follows:
Dallas Cowboys: $9.2 billion
Golden State Warriors: $7.56 billion
New York Yankees: $7.13 billion
New York Giants: $7.04 billion
Los Angeles Rams: $6.94 billion
New England Patriots: $6.7 billion
New York Knicks: $6.5 billion
Los Angeles Lakers: $6.44 billion
San Francisco 49ers: $6.15 billion
New York Jets: $6.11 billion
Data provided by Sportico


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