UP ATS arrests suspected ISI agent for Lucknow, search on for two others | Mint – Mint

The Anti Terrorist Squad of Uttar Pradesh police Sunday arrested a suspected ISI agent in Lucknow for supplying vital info about defence establishments to his handlers in Pakistan. Efforts are on to arrest Armaan and Salman, his crime accomplices.
“Raees, a resident of Gonda, was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS). He was summoned to the ATS headquarters here and during interrogation, he confessed to his involvement in spying,” PTI reported quoting Prashant Kumar, Special DG (Law and Order).
The Lucknow ATS said Raees came in contact with one Armaan in Mumbai who persuaded him to spy against India. He was also promised money and a job in Dubai by a Pakistani citizen.
The UP ATS further said in 2022, Raees received a WhatsApp call from a foreign number and was asked to contact Hussain. He was then asked to send pictures of key military set-ups of India. The UP police said one Salman and another unidentified man were also involved in the crime.
Raees got 15,000 from his handlers and he was in touch with the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) via a Bangladesh-registered mobile number, a police official said.
An FIR has been registered against Raees at the Lucknow ATS police station under IPC sections 121 A (waging or attempting to wage war) and 123 (concealing with intent to facilitate design to wage war), and under the Officials Secrets Act, 1923, he added.
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