2024 NBA Mock Draft: Thunder load up on Kentucky stars; Bronny James heads to Knicks – CBS Sports

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We are only a few weeks removed from the 2023 NBA Draft, but if I can read the room right — and if you’re reading this article, my guess is that I am — then I know it’s never too soon to peek ahead to next year’s draft in what could be an exciting 2024 class.
First things first, though, let’s set the table for 2024. Scouts I’ve talked to believe the class in general pales in comparison to the star power produced in the 2023 class, which saw Victor Wembanyama, Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson — in that order — go off at the top of the draft in late June. We’ll see if that holds true in the next 12 months, but the view from the NBA side is that the prize for winning the lottery won’t be near as big as it was in 2023. (Literally and figuratively.)
Still, there is equal parts excitement and unknown with next year’s class, with a healthy blend of college talent, G League Ignite products and international zest sure to add intrigue in the class. And because there is (at least so far) no clear No. 1 like last cycle in Wembanyama, there are a handful of promising prospects with big opportunities to seize the attention of NBA teams in the next 12 months.
So let’s get to the projections. The first round for every pick is below. Draft order for the mock was produced using SportsLine projections.
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