Meet Sydney Esiason, the stunning ex-Sports Illustrated anchor who has NFL icon dad and is married to NHL… – The US Sun

SYDNEY Esiason has always been destined for big things in the world of sports.
The ex-Sports Illustrated anchor, 30, is the daughter of former New York Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason.
Sydney has carved out a successful broadcasting career and is married to ice hockey veteran Matt Martin, 34.
Esiason was born in Long Island, New York, but grew up across the sound in Connecticut.
Her dad Boomer was the NFL MVP in 1988 and threw for over 37,000 yards in his 14-season career.
Sydney attended prep school in New York before heading to Boston College to study English & Communications.
She played for the lacrosse team during college and graduated in 2014.
Sydney worked as a PR intern for Maxim Magazine before landing her first broadcasting role as a tailgate reporter for Jets Nation.
She has since appeared as an on-air digital host for NHL and an anchor for Sports Illustrated, based in Manhattan.
During her sophomore year at Boston, Sydney received an online message from New York Islanders winger Martin.
He knew her through a mutual acquaintance and the pair met up for a New Year's Eve first date.
Sydney revealed to the New York Post: "I [thought] he was really handsome – like, too handsome, so that was pretty intimidating!
"Dating an athlete wasn’t my intention."
The pair have been together ever since and married in 2019.
They have two young children, with Martin recently opening up about his tough hockey work-life balance.
He told the Post: "I love to spend time with the kids.
"It’s just nice to be able to especially get away from the game at times.
"You go home and focus on your family and not think about hockey 24/7 like I probably did when I was younger, without responsibilities."


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