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Mafia don Haji Salim (Photo: IANS)

Haji Salim, the man behind the narcotics trafficking in India and close to Dawood Ibrahim and the ISI, mostly controls the drug syndicate from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Baloch area.
A report of the Intelligence agencies says he is sharp and looks after all the operations. He has an office based in Karachi.
The agencies have mentioned in the report that guards equipped with AK-47 type assault rifles provide him security.
Haji Slaim had been spotted attending meetings related to drug trade at a location in Clifton Road in Karachi which is owned by Dawood Ibrahim.
Salim carries satellite phones through which he controls his drug syndicate from Pakistan to the maritime regions of the Maldives.
He mostly deals in heroin and the money earned through drug dealing is further used in terrorism. He receives money in cash through hawala.
According to intelligence agencies, in September 2022 a major drug syndicate was busted at Gujarat’s Mundra Port, later in the probe it was established that a few persons held in this connection sent money to Salim through hawala.
The intelligence agencies have said that Salim uses code words to ensure his name doesn’t come on the radar of any agency.
A special code is written on all drugs that his men pack in Pakistan. This ensures his men that the consignment is sent by Salim only.
“‘777’, ‘999’, a symbol of flying horse (unicorn), a representation of 21 kings, etc., are the code words of Salim. These code words are written on the drug packets sent by his men,” the report read.
The name of Hazi Ali, a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim, protected by the ISI, has surfaced during the probe by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).
Hazi Salim’s connection was found with Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT)’s terrorist Shazidulla.
The report says that Shazidulla has masterminded several terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir.
The seized Rs 12,000 crore drug indicates that a major portion of this money was being sent to Pakistan through hawala via the Dubai route. Subsequently, the funds were used for terrorism financing.
The report of intelligence agencies states that Hazi Salim often holds meetings with Commanders of LeT regarding drug trafficking. The intelligence agencies were able to detect one of the audio calls made by Hazi Salim to LeT Commander after which the former gathered information regarding Haji Salim’s Dubai trips.
The report states that Pakistan is using D-Company, ISI, LeT, and other terrorist organisations to smuggle drugs into India, aiming to cause extensive harm through narcoterrorism and disrupt the country’s stability.
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