ISI Elite Training Launch Party – Patch

Join us for the launch party for our brand new ISI Elite Training facility on Thursday, May 18 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Drinks, food, music and a tour of our gym. 
ISI Elite Training Facility
11531 Wakefield Street Unit 104
Middle River, MD 21220
United States
Sunny, with a high of 88 and low of 64 degrees. Sunny in the morning, partly cloudy during the afternoon and evening, clear overnight.
And just how much is this going to cost the taxpayers ????
New Americans would be citizens, i.e, Americans.  The article does not address illegal/undocumented aliens.  Will the task force work to include those who entered our country illegally?  If so, how is encouraging illegal acts a good thing?  
…still safer than just walking around in Baltimore….
Why are these parks and trails not clean or broken down, Johnny? Is it the clients you are bringing to this community? When you ‘give’ things to people that haven’t worked hard for something, there is no pride in the upkeep.
Where was Johnny Cliche? See Johnny, it’s about determination and resilience. That’s what makes you successful. Johnny would have talked about diversity, equity, and entitlement. It’s about hard work, Johnny.


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