‘His closed-door angry tirade…’: Ex-US envoy on Pak Army chief for May 9 violence | Mint – Mint

Former US ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad condemned the Pakistan Army chief over his ‘closed-door angry speech’ to senior officers in Sialkot which has been shared with him. Earlier, he was concerned for Pakistan, but now the Army chief’s tirade led him to believe that things are truly dire.
Taking to Twitter, the former US envoy said the entire speech was alarming but there were two points that stand out of it.
“First, he threatened the wives and children of his critics. The May 9 violence was not a good thing and should be transparently investigated, but that is no excuse for threatening harm to innocent family members of retired officers who may have participated,” he tweeted.
Khalilzad stated that he also used gutter language in talking about those he regards as his enemies.
I was concerned for #Pakistan before, but a recent speech by the Army Chief has led me to believe that things are truly dire. His closed-door angry tirade to senior officers in Sialkot has been reliably shared with me. The entire speech was alarming but two points stand out:(1/6)
“Second, he announced that if he “goes down” he will take others down with him. His speech demonstrates that he simply does not have the temperament to lead the armed forces of a large and important country, Pakistan. Such a volatile, angry and self-absorbed person must not have his finger on a nuclear button,” the ex-US ambassador further wrote in a tweet.
In the end, Khalilzad asserted that a country’s army is a critical institution that must be led by someone possessed of sobriety, calm responsibility, and political neutrality.
The army declared that May 9, 2023, the day turmoil erupted across the country following Khan’s arrest, will be remembered as a “dark chapter” in history after the PTI chief supporters stormed army installations.
Recently, Pakistan Army Chief General Asim Munir said that “planned and orchestrated tragic incidents” of May 9, the day military installations were attacked, will never be allowed again at any cost, ARY News reported.
The army chief during his visit to Sialkot Garrison said, “No one will be allowed to disrespect our martyrs and their monuments. They are a source of inspiration and pride for the rank and file of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Government officials and the people of Pakistan.”
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