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Thursday, May 4th, 2023 11:08am
By Jordan Lewis/Jasz Garrett
Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Juneau Skating Club came in 3rd out of 16 teams at the recent ISI West Coast Classic, held in Tacoma from Apr. 21 through Apr. 23. Team Forget Me Not came in 1st in the Teen Synchro division.
Leah Farzin, a coach for Juneau Skating Club talked about their win.
"This the first time in the history of this team competing, they've been competing for five or six years now, that they won a competition and they won their event. The other teams did not skate badly like they were not a disaster. You know, they did a great job and our team won. It was incredibly satisfying and they were really proud," she said. "We were really proud of them. That and the third-place overall finish was like this incredible icing on the entire event."
28 skaters competed from Juneau, ranging in age from 9 to 50.
It was their last competition of the year.
The trophies will be in the trophy case at Treadwell Arena in the fall when the rink opens back up.
Carly Phelps, Senior Figure Skater with the Juneau Skating Club shared her experience participating in the competition.
"Participating is always fun. It's exciting. There's a lot going on. You have to keep up with where you are in the several numbers, all of the events going on seemingly at the same time. But there's an order that you have to keep up with," she said. "Lots of fun. There's a lot going on. Lots of events to participate in. Some skaters like to see how many events they can do at one competition. So that's always fun to see the same skater in multiple events."
Pam Leary, the Figure Skating Coordinator for the Juneau Skating Club encouraged people of any age to learn to skate.
"Juneau Skating Club is not just about figure skating. It's about teaching Juneau to skate. We have skaters that start pretty early in their tots really, four and five-year-olds. We've had 70-year-olds skaters that are learning to skate in our Learn to Skate programs and that's kind of really the basis of what we do. We encourage people to come out and learn to skate at the rink. Reach out to our website, or email juneausk8@hotmail.com." 
Below: Team Fireweed (Photo credit to Marianne Oelund)

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