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Each year since 2016, we here at CBS Sports have ranked the Power Five college football coaches in an effort to create a pecking order for one of the most important coaching jobs in sports entering the upcoming season. While coaches are integral to every team, college coaches are tasked with so many facets of the organization beyond simply their team’s play on the field.
Typically, as we undergo this process, identifying the top 5-10 coaches is relatively simple. After that, though, it becomes a matter of personal preference. And as the process further unfolds outside the top 25, it’s the Wild West.
While I cannot speak for our entire panel of voters, when it comes to my personal ballot, the difference between coaches ranked No. 21 and No. 40 is minimal. A couple of losses here or there can make a world of difference, as could the coach’s preferred style of play.
But this is college football. When we rank things, we need to separate the top 25 from everything else. And while that number, 25, may be arbitrary, it’s become the de facto figure for rankings in college sports.
Seven of this year’s top 10 coaches come from the Big Ten or SEC. The Pac-12 (two) and ACC (one) make up the rest of the highest tier. The Big Ten and SEC also account for more than half the coaches on the entire top 25 list (13) as the SEC leads the way with seven total.
Is this an accurate reflection of the coaches or bias toward certain leagues? The top 10 may have some bias, but it primarily reflects what the coaches have accomplished and will likely continue to accomplish. After that? Well, I’ll share my thoughts as we go along, and I’ll let you form yours independently.
While these are the rankings created by our team, I was tasked with explaining the positioning. In other words: Don’t blame the messenger. Also, don’t forget to check out the Power Five coaches ranked 69-26.
Don’t forget to check out the Power Five coaches ranked 26-69.
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