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Phil Simms has always been one of the most opinionated NFL analysts. The studio analyst for CBS Sports’ “The NFL Today” is now expanding into podcasts and NFL Draft coverage.
Next week, the Super Bowl XXI MVP and son Matt Simms will launch a new podcast/YouTube show called “Simms Complete.” The program will be an extension of their “Simms Complete” quarterback school, which trains elite prospects. (Simms’ other son Chris is a football analyst for NBC Sports and co-hosts “PFTLive” on Peacock). 
Then Simms – who called six Super Bowls during his 20-year run as CBS’s lead NFL analyst – will cover next week’s NFL Draft.
The former New York Giants star (who himself was picked No. 7 in the 1979 NFL Draft) and Michael Fabiano will cover the 1st Round for Hang Media. The duo will host a free “virtual watch party,” where viewers will be able to ask questions and chat live.
Front Office Sports senior writer Michael McCarthy talked to the 67-year-old sportscaster about podcasting with his son, covering the NFL Draft – and why he has difficulty picturing Tom Brady calling games in the broadcast booth.
With “Inside the NFL” leaving Paramount+, Simms doesn’t expect to return to the show in 2023 (Paramount Global owns CBS Sports).
On podcasting with his son Matt:
“My son is very funny. I just really like it…We did [Florida QB] Anthony Richardson today. We were just like, Wow…My son asked me: If you were the [Indianapolis] Colts, would you take him with the 4th pick? I said: Without question. I would take him. That’s it.”
Is Richardson your top QB in this Draft over Bryce Young? 
“I don’t rank them…But Bryce Young (of Alabama) is going to go No. 1. I think, I’m not sure, C.J Stroud (of Ohio State will go No. 2). Then the third one will be interesting to see who goes. Will it be Will Levis (of Kentucky)? Or Anthony Richardson?…We already know Bryce Young is going No. 1. He canceled all his visits. If he’s canceling, that tells me something. He knows he’s going first in the Draft.
Covering the NFL Draft
“I will probably know everybody who goes in the first round. There might be a surprise or two. We’ll see. I’m looking forward to it. It’s always fun to get your two cents in. You can tell people you agree with them. Or tell people they’re completely wrong!
What network will buy “Inside the NFL?” 
“I have no clue. I know it’s not on Paramount. So I know I won’t be on it…I will miss it. It was just a different platform. It was fun to do. There is a lot of freedom there.”
Will Tom Brady call NFL games for Fox Sports?
“I’ve got to see it – or hear it – to believe it. I don’t know. I just can’t picture Tom Brady up there announcing games. You know why? He’s Tom Brady. He’s just bigger than life…In this day and age, is it worth it for him? 
Hey, I think they’ll use him in different ways. I don’t care. I’m going to say he doesn’t do games. They’ll put him on a pregame show and let him talk a little. There’s lots of ways to use him. He’s Tom Brady…He looks good. And he knows a lot of football, that’s for sure. So yes, I think they’ll use him in a different way. I don’t have any insight – and I don’t even care.  But I’ll be surprised if he does games. I will be. 
And you know, too, Greg Olsen did a good job this year. That has to make you sit back and wonder. So we’ll see.
His chemistry with CBS colleague Boomer Esiason:
It’s really easy to work with him. I came home one day after doing (Esiason’s WFAN morning radio show). After [Craig] Carton got in trouble. I said to my wife, ‘What did you think?’ She said, ‘I think you were a little too mean to Boomer.’ I said, ‘What? Too mean to Boomer?…She actually made me feel bad – for 10 seconds. The next day, I’m there kind of watching what I’m saying. I was nice for 10 minutes. Then I said, ‘Oh, the hell with it, I’m going right into what we do.’”   
Football TV Cliches
“I should just do a show of pet peeves. I have a lot of them…You’ve got to leverage the ball. I heard that, and I said, ‘What the F does it mean to leverage the ball?…Then there’s, You’ve got to high-point it. Oh, you mean jump up and get the ball? Got it…This is one of my favorites: He’s a downhill runner…And don’t forget the quarterback is climbing the pocket. You mean he moved up?


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